Hosting a PythonAnywhere Flask App

Im looking for some advice - I am a beginner when it comes to website deployment.

A year ago I've created a flask app, which I deployed via pythonanywhere. Ive bought a domain with google domains and boom, the site was up and running, public and secure.

This year unfortunately, Ive been wanting to change the domain name of my app - and google domains has been bought off by squarespace. I began looking for alternatives, and godaddy seemed like the most popular choice. Ive invested in their yearly plan, but then, being an unewperienced dork, Ive encountered a lot of hidden costs. The biggest one would be - and SSL certificate. My site works and is public, but has a big annoying sign "NOT SECURE"... So now, I either have to change the hosting provider to a more sensible one, or find out how to add a free SSL certificate to my godaddy solution.

Do you have any tips? What hosting providers do you use? Or maybe youve managed to add a free SSL certificate to your godaddy page? Ive tried but got stuck since I have no CPanel and no "Web Hosting" Tab... Only domains...

Thanks for the help!

I think you might be conflating web hosting and domain registration -- if the domain you're talking about is the one that you have configured on the "Web" page inside PythonAnywhere, you can activate HTTPS and make it secure by following these instructions.

Oh, and I should have said -- there's no extra cost for HTTPS, it's included in your existing paid plan.

Once again - you are a life saver. All set, SSL certificate by lets encrypt added. THANK YOU

Glad we could help!