Flask Student

Hi everyone,

I am new to coding and have no high aims. I was building a homepage for my loved ones and myself, and my interest grew. I would like to protect sensitive data with a hashed salted password. But Pythonanywhere is telling me I already have machines up and running, while I deleted them all. I am eager to follow up the tutorial about flask, but I can't open a website. Is it possible to reset my account to factory default? I may have messed things up myself. Oops.

I'm talking about this tutorial:

I am loving this by the way and may upgrade in the near future. But I am not that confident with this website yet.

Best regards! Ypz!

Hi there -- the best way to completely reset your account would be for us to delete it and then you could create a fresh one -- see [this help page] for that.

However, the problem you're seeing sounds strange, and it's possible that you would not fix it that way. Could you give a little more detail on what you mean when you say:

Pythonanywhere is telling me I already have machines up and running, while I deleted them all


Well, the wrong doing was on my end. I kept running into an error telling me I had a free account and already had consoles up. I erased some files and it got up and running again. So that is fixed.

However, there is no more directory for my source code. Only a working directory. I'll figure it out, some day. Still new and trying to grasp the code.

"Source code: /home/Ypselon/mysite" that directory does not exist. "Working directory:/home/Ypselon/" that directory exists.

I wanted to get a monthly payment to see if I would keep up with it, but there was no option for Paypal. Only anual of I am not mistaking.

All I want is to set up a few passwords with a SHA hash and salt. But now I want visitors to have the option to leave some feedback behind too. The tutorial should give me that result. Bear with me please. :)

You are right, we currently support PayPal only for annual payments.